Is there any official slack channel I can join?

Hey there. I’m new to openAI and wanted to know if there’s any official slack channel I can join to chat with other users. Thanks.

Yes, There is an official Slack for people who have been granted API access.

You should have an email invitation the day you received your API access approval.

I am not mentioning the link here as I am not sure what’s the policy around it.

Hi @aleksander.vitkin, we’ve moved to this forum as our main community hub as it provides an unlimited, searchable message history, such that your ideas and thoughtful contributions stay visible and benefit all future users :grinning:

@Harish new users are no longer receiving the Slack invite.

I hope that helps, and please let me know if you have any other questions!


I didn’t know that. thanks for letting me know, Joey.

I think this is an excellent decision.

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I wasn’t around when slack was being use, but tbh it seems a lil dead here.

Probably because Slack is such an easy tool to use compared to a forum - I expect it’ll take a while for people to move in here.

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Unfortunately with 65,000 people in the beta, Slack would be VERY expensive (IIRC it’s $5 per month per user? Something like that.)

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OpenAI was using the free version of Slack. They wanted more than 10k searchable messages for the community. Slack’s cheapest plan that allows for this would cost about $5 per user and there’s currently 64,789 people in the Slack channel. That’s $323,945 every month.

I understand why OpenAI made this decision (especially as the community continues to grow).


Ok. Thanks for letting me know. Anyway, is the slack channel still active and open to join (as a secondary group maybe)?

Yeah, maintaining two separate forums is kind of confusing. This new one is better. I wonder how difficult it would be to reach behind the Slack paywall, grab all the old messages and migrate them over here. There have been a lot of good discussions. Then you could put the other one to sleep for good.

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I think you’d need to kick out everyone from the Slack except one person, then pay $5 for a month to scrape all the data. (Under the subscription terms maybe they would also provide a copy of the history?)

But then there’s also the task of setting it up in the forum. You could maybe create a Forum Topic per Slack Channel, but they would be incredibly long threads, and there’s also the question of what to do with Slack threads. I don’t think you’d want to create a Forum Topic per Slack Message - first you need to work out a title, and sometimes Slack messages are just an image. That would also “break” any channel discussions.

So it’s not as easy as it first appears, unfortunately.

@hugh sounds like a good test for AI :wink:

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there’s a new (unofficial) discord server you can check out, if you’re interested in something additional to this forum which is nice if you like live-chat communication:

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