New ChatGPT UI tweaks are worse

Viewing at wide 1920x1080, the vertical height is what I need, not stuff permanently blocking the view.

A Top bar nows says “default: gpt 3.5” along with a share button, like OpenAI thinks I’m using a phone on a viewport twice as wide as height… Blocking the top of editing the first input, wasting screen scroll area.

Ditch the bar. There’s tons of wasted space on either side of the chat history because you won’t expand the box width. Maybe a little caption balloon on the top corner.

Same with “regenerate this answer” button - always there blocking the view. I inspected and set the margin from 0.5 to -2 simply to put it under the input box.

Also, to delete a chat session, we now get a huge “are you sure” dialog back in the middle of the screen, making cleanup a whole bunch of mousing back and forth. Just show this once or twice until you’ve trained the user on what a trash bin icon could possibly be.

That is all. If you make something so even stupid people can use it, only stupid people will use it.

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Looks like the regenerate got moved over to the side. Now it only blocks the right side of the text if you’re trying to make a screenshot. So thanks for the effort, (probably couldn’t break it out of the box container without a bit more rewrite…)

The “identity and share bar” is an unexpected pattern. Only appears after you scroll up. Which a desktop user would rarely have done - scrolling to reveal and access “share”.

Also, that big delete dialog - should only come up and should only drastically warn when one is also deleting links to shared chats when simply trying to clean up your view. The links should be permanent or selectable lifespan. PasteBotBin.

Yes, I agree. It annoys me too: on a 1920*1080 screen, the chat area is 1/3 of the screen, while 2/3 of the screen (both sides) is just wasted blank space. Which makes it impossible to read code snippets.