New Billing Model - auto top up option

The new billing model which requires us to purchase credits in advance seems highly prone to producing outages in our usage of the product.

I don’t mind paying in advance but as an individual user, my usage is on the order of $1-2/month. If I buy $15 of credit, it will last me over a year. By that time I will have surely forgotten all about the fact that credits exist and I need to buy more of them at some point.

It would be great if billing options existed that allowed for “auto top-up”. E.g. if credits < $5, purchase $5 of credits.


Great idea!

Check your account and see if this will work for you.



Interesting; I can’t see that option when I try to purchase credits. But that is exactly the solution I would like.

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Here’s a help article that also talks about billing and the auto-recharge.

If it is not accurate in its walkthrough, you can make your own screenshots here to show what a new user is seeing when they buy their first credits, and the buttons you can then choose to arrive at auto-recharge options in your billing overview.

I saw a Reddit post where some else also couldn’t discover the auto-recharge option.

PS I also just got hit with the “action required” email about being switched in a week.


I almost don’t believe that this isn’t a joke.

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Same issue here.

Should I cancel the pay as you go billing plan and start the pre-paid plan??

But the thing is I already bought some