Consistent Billing Bug causing Account to be negative

Turning to the community because I have heard nothing from OpenAI support for a while on this. We’re a tier 5 account that’s been open now for at least two years. Since the change to prepaid billing, we’ve been having this issue where on days with many auto recharges to top up the account, the system just stops allowing our billing to go through. We have a pretty large quota and aren’t anywhere close to it, but still, billing fails. I noticed this problem first popping up in February, but it seems to be worse now. Yesterday, ~$500 in charges went through, but in the afternoon, it stopped working altogether and now our service is down. It happened last week, and I messaged OpenAI a couple of times and never heard back. Around 24 hrs later, it started working again on its own. It happened again last night, and still, nothing from support. It’s kind of frustrating to be spending thousands or tens of thousands of dollars a month on a service and to not even get a ‘Hey, we’re working on it’ message while our production product is down. We’re switching over to OS models via Lambda as a backup moving forward, but has anyone else had this problem with their account?

This was also a problem when people were first or inadvertently switched to prepayments - inability to make enough daily payments to even pay down the balance.

It seems you’d want to increase the top-up amount, and also reduce the when-to-top-up point, so that there is less hysteresis looping and daily charging.

And then contact sales @ OpenAI…