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New announcement!

Here’s a bit found on the link:

The OpenAI Forum is a new initiative that brings together domain experts and students to discuss and collaborate on the present and future of AI. The Forum features events such as in-person meet-ups highlighting technical talks, dinner-mixers at OpenAI, educational webinars and expert roundtable conversations, and plenty of opportunity for members (including OpenAI researchers) to network and cross pollinate ideas. Forum programming will be co-created by community members, and facilitated by OpenAI.

The OpenAI Forum community aims to build an ecosystem of collaborators that help us achieve our mission of building AGI that benefits all of humanity. Members who express interest will be invited to participate in paid activities that directly impact OpenAI models, such as model evaluations, evaluation set creation, and opportunities to provide support for the Preparedness team’s work to ensure the safety of frontier models.

Criteria to Join

  • Demonstrated interest in the intersection of applicant domain of expertise and AI.
  • The ability to make a time commitment to participate in 1 hour worth of activities per fiscal quarter.
  • Demonstrated expertise in your professional field or academic discipline.
  • Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. We aim to keep Forum engagement opportunities meaningful and intimate, and inclusive of a diverse array of perspectives.

I for one am definitely signing up! Who else is?


Also add:

  • Real photograph icon required, human-supervised
  • LinkedIn level of turning over your career information
  • Never-heard-of SaaS operator
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what?! :wink:

btw, isn’t this the Open AI forum? :slight_smile:


This is the Dev Community, but I agree the naming is a bit confusing.

The forum seems to be a more professional environment with a number of experts from various industries/domains. It seems to be a bit more like a focus-group.

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It absolutely still is :+1:

OpenAI hosts several communities. The Dall-e team is primarily active on Discord, while this is the official developer community. This new forum is a recent addition to the flock, and we’re actively working to create a more cohesive connection between them.


If you ask me, this is THE OpenAI forum.
But I guess we have competition now.


Lmao, I’m not worried, I don’t think the other forum has code block support yet, and you can’t even edit you own post :rofl: