Negative credit balance question

I have a question about the negative credit balance, I’m aware that it can go to negative due to the delays in billing but my question is is… does it like ever go away? Is the negative balance just always there forever?

I know that you have to pay over that amount to pay for pre paid credits but I’ve noticed that it doesn’t reset once you do, like any time you ever reach a negative balance, it adds onto the negative balance you already have.

so like for example if I pre paid for $10, I then use said $10 but due to billing delays I technically use 2 extra dollars, making it as if I spent $12.

But then the next day, I decide I want to by more credits so I pay the $2 plus whatever amount I would like to put in so for example it would be a total of $12 I spend on pre paid credits to over come the negative and come back to a positive balance.

Then of course I use it again but I accidentally hit negative again, but what I’ve noticed is instead of the negative credit balance resetting at $0, it starts at $2, so it’s $2 plus the extra $2 I accidentally use due to billing delays, so then the negative balance now sits at $4 and next time I got to pay $14.

I think you get the point here, anyways, my question is is does that accumulated negative credit balance reset or does it just stay like that forever on the account? Like is there a way to fix it? Is is just by simply not hitting negative? I’m confused on how this works.

For most clear answers, one would need to inquire directly with OpenAI.
But it seems reasonable to assume that on OpenAI’s platform, if the balance is shown as positive, there is no need to worry about some “hidden” negative balances accumulating.

Where would I go to ask about a question like that?

You can visit the website and use the support bot in the bottom right hand corner, and leave your inquiry about negative balance.

It may take a few weeks, but I believe they will (and should) respond.