If I'm out of credit balance(i pay for this system just once and doesn't set auto recharge). I'm still get refund from 3 months trial?

just like the top, I’m new with this system and also new with an AI. So sorry if it a weird question. And… I’m just cancel payment plan. I’m still got refund from free trial right? (I have another account before and it got ban for reasons that doesn’t know. That time still in free trial and i got a refund 2 time. I’m just wondering this time will be the same or not)

Hey Champ, and welcome to the developer community forum, payment related issues should be delt with via the OpenAI Help Center, in the bottom right corner of that page is a message icon. click the icon and enter your issue, the bot will take your details and a member of the account support team will get back to you, it may take several weeks due to the number of people currently using the system.

The correct answer is that there are no refunds. Credits are non-refundable. Money goes in and doesn’t come back out. Added to terms of use in a sub-page, and a help article about prepaid credits at help.openai.com.

And you certainly won’t get a free grant of $5 paid to you just for signing up. If you got banned and you got a refund of money they gave you to a payment method you put in, sounds like an accounting bug.