Need info about redirect (CNAME)

Hey there!

I have a specific question regarding the redirects for the manifest root domain.

The documentation says:

Note on redirects: If there are any redirects in resolving the manifest, only child subdomain redirects are allowed. The only exception is following a redirect from a www subdomain to one without the www.

I would like to know if that includes the DNS level redirection, such as CNAME, or if the docs talks about HTTP redirects (30X) only?

My specific use case is that we are enabling hosting for our customer’s manifest, and we need to provide a custom domain for them.

So, for example : is going to point to with a CNAME.

Meaning for example that when OpenAI hits we are going to serve the right manifest from our servers located at

This is possible with an A entry because it would be invisible. However, a CNAME would be a more convenient solution to us since we would not depend on an IP address anymore.

If anyone has some clues I would appreciate :slight_smile:

Bye! :slight_smile:

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I’d imagine it’s just HTTP redirects. I wouldn’t consider CNAME a redirect in any real sense.

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Ok I see!

Actually, I believe the same but my cofounder don’t haha.
So we are doubting :laughing:

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