Hosting the plugin with a base path

I recently got access to develop ChatGPT plugins and I was attempting to host my plugin on cloud infrastructure that uses a base path for locating my application. For example, I would like to use as the root of my plugin deployment instead of being required to associate a complete hostname with the root of my plugin.

The way it works now is that it doesn’t work, I point ChatGPT to my plugin root and it refuses to find my plugin manifest. What I would expect is that whatever I put in the manifest location would have .well-known/ai-plugin.json appended to it in attempting to load my plugin.

I looked at the documentation and it clearly suggests that plugins are deployed at a domain root and so know this is not a supported case but are there any plans to do this? I’m currently working on a virtual host to see if I can make this work.

You could probably do some redirect trickery based on the request headers.

You’re right, there are ways to work around this but I do think the current restrictions are very limiting and I hope this feedback helps in some way. Many cloud hosts use this approach of having a single tenant have multiple deployments and they are associated with a unique base path instead of a unique hostname. Or where having different versions of the same deployment are accessed using a different base path.

Just something to consider.