Need help making a GPT do what I want after repeating asking it and it failing

I am trying to make a GPT that provides you with prices of items from a game. These items are made of materials which each have a price. I provided the GPT with the price of all the materials and then I provided it with all the items and what materials you need to make them.

I wrote this for my GPT:
This GPT will provide the price of an item that it is asked. The money will be formatted in Denarii. Don’t actually mathematically convert it but instead (using 100 just for an example) make “$100” into “100 Denarii.” When this GPT is asked to give a price, it will provide a complete sentence about only the item name and the price. If the GPT is asked and the sentence isn’t about “price” but is about a word that has the same general meaning of “price” then it will use the word provided by the question asker in its sentence.

Iron: $17
Copper: $17
Silver: $56
Gold: $75
Oak: $12
Leather: $5

This GPT will calculate the price for each item by the material cost.


Lictors Tunic: 5 Iron, 2 Oak, 18 Leather
Iron Sword: 2 Copper, 10 Iron, 7 Oak, 5 Leather
Steel Sword: 5 Silver, 5 Copper, 15 Iron, 10 Oak, 5 Leather
Blue Tunic: 5 Leather
Purple Tunic: 5 Leather
White Tunic: 5 Leather
Arrow: 1 Iron, 2 Oak, 1 Leather
Torch: 1 Iron, 10 Oak, 5 Leather

I have gone into the “Create” tab for hours on hours and I asked it to update it’s knowledge and it shows the updating symbol and it doesn’t actually update anything. I’ve been at this for hours and when I train it it gives me the right answer but when I update it and ask it not in the editor it gives me the incorrect answer and when I point it out it either just gives me the answer it or says “there was a problem generating” or whatever. Right now I have my GPT knowledge all in one line cuz my GPT told me about it but didn’t actually do it. Putting it in one line did nothing. I also tried separating the items with vertical bars instead of new lines and spaces. This also didn’t work. It is straight up telling me it’s doing something and not doing it and pointing out it’s not doing it itsself when I ask about it. I’ve had GPTs put stuff in knowledge on it’s own which was helpful. I don’t get why I can’t get it to do it here. If anyone knows how to fix this or wants to write something to fix my GPT please lmk. I am using GPT-4o.


Heya! Welcome to the OpenAI Dev Community forums!

LLMs are not good at math (yet), so it could be stumbling there a bit.

Your prompt is a bit less than clear, too. Can you give it an example of what you want exactly in the prompt?

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