Need Help Finding Creator/Platform for this A.I. Image

This may be a fool’s errand, but I don’t have the know-how or access to what may or may not solve this conundrum.

I’m 69 y.o. and while no newbie in matters computer and even video, etc., I just don’t have the mental acuity anymore to use A.I. generators and so on. Older brains tend to get dimmer…

Hence why I’m asking for help amongst ye gods of A.I. :slight_smile:

I’ve spent hours doing reverse image searches - Google, TinEye, etc. and even asked Google A.I. assistance on how to track down such and image with no luck.

Point being that I’m probably way over ethic-compulsive - I just would like to have permission to use the image for personal use and/or find more of the same character. I just like to give people credit even for non commercial purposes, or just thank them for their stuff.

I was concerned that it may be a rip-off of some Pixar or other animation character but there again, found nothing that matched it. (As a former graphic designer, I am detailed oriented visually speaking and did not see any suspicious similarities.)

This in part means that I can’t handle having to join a slew of A.I. generator sites to do a search in the members’ portfolios for this mage.

My guess is it may be in such a portfolio behind the “firewall” of some A.I. generator community and that’s why I can’t find it doing regular online image searches.

Any suggestions, referrals and/or ? most welcomed.

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Hrm. Interesting…

The size might be an indicator? It seems a bit odd, so maybe if you can tie down the export sizes of tools, you can find it?


Midjourney has adjustable aspect ratio, such as by specifying two numbers, like the 3:4 of 1200x900

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Dalle-3 prompt: “Pixar image of brown smiling mongoose, bokeh background”


Maybe lock-on and switch mammals? :rofl: My second try, and I have no idea what the original mammal is.

Just hover to find out.

The visual elements are likely composed from Midjourney’s training, and the prompting style you’d have to recreate if you don’t know what was typed in.

Prompt written by AI to DALL-E 3 after a computer vision description 3x as long:

“Create a high-quality computer rendering of a playful otter with human-like expressive eyes and a friendly smile. The otter’s fur should appear soft and natural, with a realistic texture. It’s set against a blurred aquatic background with a cool blue-green gradient. The lighting should be warm, highlighting the otter’s detailed fur and features.”

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Mammal identified :rofl: (otter)