Simple AI image generation request for a technophobe : )

Hi all

I wonder if someone can help me :slight_smile: ? The research I have done tells me to actually get good specific results from an image generator you need to have a bit of software installed and understood… so, more than just looking for a shortcut I am looking to avoid a headache if possible (if this is the wrong forum to be asking on, could someone point me in the right direction ??)

It’s a very simple logo, I can provide the following prompt:

An infinity symbol, defined as ‘ :infinity: ‘. Red, on a black background. Font ‘Source Serif 4 Variable’ style ‘Display Italic’. The symbol should have a soft, ‘film / VHS’ blurred edge, ideally in the exact style of supplied image below

thank u thank u thank u : ) the thing I am after is quite specific and this isn’t quite getting there so anyone else very welcome to try !

You don’t have a GPT plus account?

thank u : ) that is actually quite nice ! I don’t have a plus account… what will this offer me

interactive session allowing you to keep asking for specific refinements to an image

if any chance you can make the lines softer / more blurred would be super

My friend, this is a public forum, not a ChatGPT session and I’m human.

Try :wink:

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