Bing images super low res

Bing DALL-E3 images are all under 300kb each, compared to ChatGPTs which are 2-3MB so at least you can do something with them after upscaling them, like create prints or POD item if you wanted. Otherwise what use are the BING ones other than showing people on social media ‘look what i did!’ I will see what upscaling an BING image compares to to ChatGPT in quality. Is it just because ChatGPT generates PNG which are bigger files in general that is giving me the illustration that Bing’s images are of a lower quality??

Also, Is there a user/commerical policy usage policy with BING or something?

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Yeah, last I heard, you can’t use BING output commercially, so maybe lower resolution is to stop people from doing it anyway?

That doesn’t make any sense.

You are talking about compression, not resolution.

Bing images are JPG compressed with the default (non-progressive) honeycomb algorithm, but almost with JPG factor 80 which is extreme high.


I recommend a simple command line tool like ExifTool to fetch those meta-data - ExifTool by Phil Harvey.

Dall-E spits out lossless compressed (not lossy, like JPG) PNG files; but in the end the are (almost) the same.

It’s like an 320kbps mp3 file, compared to FLAC.

I work as an audio-engineer and can’t even hear the difference.

For both Bing and Dall-E you can use free / open source (just check Git and some repos) upscalers.

I managed to upscale images to 300DPI at 5 square feat (1.5 meters) in size, created by both Bing and Dall-E.

BTW. both Bing and OpenAI explicit state that you are allowed to use the images for any commercial purpose.

It’s your prompt, your image, they only provided the software. It’s just a tool, like Photoshop.

Q: Can I use Bing Image Creator for commercial projects? Yes, Bing Image Creator allows commercial use of AI-generated images. However, it is essential to check the licensing terms for each image to ensure compliance.

At least in Europe and the USA an AI can’t have any rights on “it’s” work, it’s not an entity that has intellectual PO (private ownership).

But there are “issues” when the source of the image is copyrighted (like cartoon characters).

  1. Generative AI Has an Intellectual Property Problem (
  2. A new chapter in intellectual property rights: The age of AI-generated content | Digital Watch Observatory

Hmm interesting. They seem to be 1024x1024 like MJ and ChatGPT, but the images are just tiny. So its confusing! Were they always small files or just recently since the commercial output thing kicked in?!

Ah, they must’ve changed the terms. Things are moving so quickly.

As @Foo-Bar said, it’s just a matter of compression…

ETA: On the bright side, at least they’re not serving out webp files! :wink:

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Hokey. I use Lets Enhance, well just started as a friend who sells her art recommended it Seems a legit Upscaler and you can go up to x16. But the thing i want to know if you are starting with a tiny 300kb barely there Jpeg file, how far do you push it?! x4, x8?

You said you pushed one of your images to 1.5 metres without issues with quality? i guess with all print outs, it depends your distance from the art 1ft, 3ft, 6ft.

I guess the only way I will find out is to do some sample prints of various images and take it from there.

LOL Ssshh! don’t give them ideas!!!

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