Need a teammate for: AI-Powered Co-Founder Project

Hi All,

I’m looking for someone, ideally who can handle raising capital / investment and selling, but also who is interested in contributing from an ideas perspective for my project - CIRCL.AI.

CIRCL.AI is the workplace of your next co-founder, the AI-Powered Groucho Marx - Once a garbage man, now a child of the meta-verse. He will help you Validate, Test, Launch and Grow your next venture or product.

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Or reply here if this is something you would like to lend a hand with it.


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Thanks mate.

I only started working on this about 4 days ago. Trying to get a version of Groucho ready that can talk to guests on the homepage to show off the tech. Then I’ll work on all the other stuff like a more detailed description of the Validation process, terms of service & privacy policy, etc.


I want to check out your product story was really nice.