Native ChatGPT/OpenAI API Client for macOS with GPT4-V and Assistant API

Recently, I developed a software named ChatTab(Beta).

You can instantly display the ChatGPT dialogue window by using the shortcut option + space, similar to Spotlight.

Think Different.

I don’t like to be the same as others. I want it to have a unique UI, so I use multiple tabs to switch between different message conversations. Each tab represents a prompt. This usage method greatly improves my efficiency, and I hope you like it too.

Other features:

  1. Prompt: You can add your own prompts, and once added, you can have conversations with them by adding a tab.

  2. iCloud: It can sync prompts across different devices through iCloud.

  3. Markdown: Better Markdown support.

  4. Compatibility: macOS 11+

Learn more at

Free use of all features during beta

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ChatTab is a ChatGPT API Client for macOS, which means:

  • No need to log in to ChatGPT

  • No need to subscribe to ChatGPT monthly

  • Pay as you go using your own API Key

Recently, we have updated to version 3.0, which includes:


Assistant API: File upload and chat with it.

Various models:
Including the latest GPT3.5-1106,GPT4-1106 adn GPT-Vision