Machato — The native ChatGPT client for macOS

Hi there!

Feeling unsatisfied with current native macOS implementations of ChatGPT’s API, I decided to make my own ! This is how Machato was born. It features a IM-like user interface, written in pure swift/swiftUI.

My biggest gripe with available clients is the lack of history and powerful conversation management features. Machato keeps a local history of all your chats, and allows you to define per-conversation settings.

Some features include: GPT4 support, conversation management (will be improved in the future), per-conversation settings (model, temperature, prompt, rendering capabilities). ChatGPT’s output is rendered in markdown by default, but supports LaTeX output !

The app is pay-what-you-want, starting from 3€. You can learn more about the app on .

Some up-and-coming features are: global search, conversation folders, re-generate answer… Feel free to suggest new features !


Hey! Just purchased the app, really liked it. Since this post is how I came across it, I’ll leave my two cents here: it’ll be nice to have a menu bar option.

Good work!