Swift library for ChatGPT API

We wrote a Swift library for the ChatGPT API :muscle: Feel free to submit a pull request to help grow the library. The library is written in Swift and supports the following platforms: iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

link to the library: GitHub - FuturraGroup/OpenAI: A library that makes it easy to use ChatGPT API


I’m trying to integrate ChatGPT API in my iOS App - Quotes Power App, then I found this which just published in Github 14 hours ago, GREAT!

thx, in the near future, we will add new models and add new functionality. I’m waiting for a star from you on github))

we added GPT-4 support

link to the library: GitHub - FuturraGroup/OpenAI: A library that makes it easy to use ChatGPT API

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Well done! However, in a production environment, it could be instantly hacked with a MITM attack. To prevent this, support for SSL Pinning should be implemented

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yes, you are right. Only the OpenAI API does not support SSL Pinning.

OpenAI supports it;) just follow any guide on the web how to add SSL Pinning to URLSession

I am getting a nil result from generateChatCompletion. My API Key works fine if I use it in a curl command. I am using Xcode 14.3 on MacOS 13.2.1. Here is my code:

import Foundation
import OpenAIKit
let apiToken: String = "*******"
let organizationName: String = "*******"
let config = Configuration(
    organizationId: apiToken,
    apiKey: organizationName
public let openAI = OpenAI(config)

func getChatResponse(message: String) async -> String {
    let chatMsg = ChatMessage(role: .user, content: message)
    let chat = ChatParameters(model: "gpt-3.5-turbo", messages: [chatMsg])
    var response = ""
    let result = try? await openAI.generateChatCompletion(parameters: chat)
    if let aiResult = result {
        if let text = aiResult.choices.first?.message.content {
            response = "Response: " + text }
        else {
            response = "Error"
    } else { response = "Nada"}
    return response


Can you spot the bug? I am so embarrased. :man_facepalming:

you have the wrong request code, do it like in our Example project

Thanks! I got it working. In the preceding snippet I had accidentally reversed the organizationId and apiKey. Doh!

I am using SwiftUI instead of UIKit, and SPM instead of CocoaPods, so I cannot strictly follow your example. What do you mean by the wrong request code?

For version 2.0 I plan to add context completion. If you like I can probably share my entire Xcode project, but for now here’s a snippet from my working 1.0 code, which only does basic Q&A chat:

    func sendMessage(message: String) {
        print("sendMessage->message: \(message)")
        let chat: [ChatMessage] = [
            ChatMessage(role: .system, content: "You are a helpful assistant."),
            ChatMessage(role: .user, content: message)
        Task {
            var finalResponse = "No reply"
            do {
                let chatParameters = ChatParameters(model: "gpt-3.5-turbo", messages: chat)
                let chatCompletion = try await openAI.generateChatCompletion(
                    parameters: chatParameters
                self.responseText = chatCompletion.choices[0].message.content
                if let reply = self.responseText {
                    finalResponse = reply
                self.messageText = ""
                print("sendMessage->finalResponse: \(finalResponse)")
                withAnimation {
                    messages.append("[USER]" + message)
                    withAnimation {
            } catch {
                print("ERROR DETAILS - \(error)")

It goes fine, the thing I am pondering about is that how can I achieve generative or incrementing text like functionality that ChatGPT Web does

Added support for stream in assistants API Release Assistant API Stream · jamesrochabrun/SwiftOpenAI · GitHub