My organization id has been changed

Dear openao team: Thank you for inviting me to use the OpenAI GPT-4 API. The organization I used when applying was org-lyRKfZrmpm4aogwP8hMYtqtb. It took up to 5 months, but the day before yesterday I found that my organization was replaced by a new organization org -X1W4ZTvQyx5x0tnAzHZyDhz1, making GPT-4 unusable. May I ask how to modify the organization id. waiting for reply

Dear openai, help to restore my GPT-4 organization id, thank you very much

The OpenAI staff do not actively read post on this forum.
They will also not respond to post related to account and billing posted here.

If you read this post

it notes

  • If you need help with your account, payment, etc, please visit
    • At the bottom right on is a message icon. image Click the icon then enter a message. My understanding is that you will be asked for an email address then the OpenAI staff will contact you via email. I hear it can take weeks before being contacted but remember that this is one of the fastest growing apps ever, please be patient.
    • Asking account related questions in this forum can often create more confusion for the community than provide assistance.

thank you very much;thank you very much;thank you very much;thank you very much