My GPT 4.0 has been banned, I hope to get it back

I have two 4.0 API organizations on one of my accounts, but I don’t know why my 3.5 organization has been blocked, and then my account has been blocked. However, there are still two 4.0 organizations in my account. How can I retrieve them? I need help. I have been applying for these two 4.0 organizations for a long time, and if they can be resolved, thank you very much. My email is, Can someone help me. If someone can help me extract these two 4.0 organizations, I will reward them with 200u.

You need to contact No one here will be able to assist you with account issues.

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I know, but I hope have some one can help me get the two 4.0 org

If your account is blocked, you need to contact

No one here will be able to help you with any account issues.

The vast majority of us do not work for OpenAI. This is a developer forum, when OpenAI staff do come around it’s generally to address issues or concerns related to development.

You must go through the proper channels to get help with account issues.


You should really contant the help center. Do not get scared that you will have to talk with a bot, when you will keep talking they may tell you that they are going to get back to you by sending you email.

They may never receive a response like robots, so I’m asking if anyone can help me. I just put the two 4.0 organizations I applied for under one account, and then for some reason, this account was blocked. I need help

No one here can help you!

You need to contact support at

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First, welcome to the forum.

You have received the correct advice on this matter multiple times in previous replies from various individuals.

As it is now recursing without any new insights, I will be closing this discussion to not accept further replies.