My GPTs not working \ available


Hi there,
is “My GPTs” link working for you?
I wanted to create a custom GPT based on 4o but it seems that My GPTs is not working (I tried different browsers).

Thanks, Fab

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You can click Explore GPTs, then go to My GPTs, since the user menu button is broken.


Oh my! I made a dumb post! thanks.

By the way, it seems that the new GPT doesn’t specify if it’s based on 4o, I suppose it’s gonna create on version 4. :thinking:

The use of a model for GPT seems to by the end user account. I just had to completely dumb down what one of mine could do to get it to perform the primary task at least for a few questions.

Not working here either, any device, any browser, any model. But yes, going via Explore GPTs works