My GPTs button dead - can't navigate to them

Since the upgrade to 4o the interface button for MyGPTs (in the upper left, under my account icon) is dead. I click it, it goes nowhere. Have logged off and back on, tried different browsers - no luck. How do I solve this?


Here’s a direct link:


Bless you!
I asked chatGPT for the direct URL - it could not provide it.

Humans rule.

Except ones that make buttons without an <a href=

This seems to be a bug though. You should report it through the help center.

I’m encountering a problem with ChatGPT since the recent upgrade to version 4.0. When attempting to log in via browser, I’m unable to proceed after inputting my username and password. The Continue button simply doesn’t respond when clicked.

Additionally, even after successfully logging in with my Google account, I’ve noticed that the interface button for entering prompts is unresponsive. Clicking on it doesn’t yield any action.

Interestingly, I’ve found that these issues do not persist when using the Android app. It seems to function properly there.

Despite trying to troubleshoot by logging off and on again, as well as testing with different browsers, I’ve had no luck in resolving the problem.

Could someone please offer advice on how to address this issue or provide any available workarounds? Your assistance would be immensely appreciated.