I am Plus Users and Custom GPTS are no longer working for me


Anyone facing this issue? I believe post GPT4o release, CustomGPT for me stopped !!! Also existing customerGPT does not allow to be modified as well


That particular button is broken in the UI. You can get to your GPTs by first going into Explore GPTs.


Got it. Thank you very much.

I still think we need our custom GPTs to be accessible via API. To integrate into an app.

Just use the API.

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@Myango what’s the use case you want to achieve with custom GPT’s accessible via API?

I already have a custom GPT that takes a word and creates a whole site from it. it works as expected in the stock custom GPT gallery. So I ported over the instructions into an assistant , in the dashboard playground it test fine, but once called from ASSISTANT API it fails. At best I was able to pull the responses the I tested on the dashboard using the thread ID, but the words entered in the app don’t return. So the idea was that a custom GPT should have its own API KEY to make is as easy as it is to send a prompt via CURL from the regular engines without custom instructions.

@Myango you are not able to use Custom GPT and looking at using assistant API because of

1: Branding
2: Monetization
3: or any other reason?

I ask this question because you mentioned the customer GPT works fine. I ask this question because I am enhancing our API gateway to allow API developers expose their nodejs, python functions as API and connect these Api’s with security (Oauth2) and Monetization (Stripe enabled) engines.

MY appologies,
I kinda know what you’re asking but don’t.
Do you mean Mango are you not able to use your custom GPT and … because of branding, Monetization, etc. For now I don’t think these are elements blocking me.

@Myango Thanks for your revert