My custom GPTs for public use. How do i share?

I have created some custom GPTs for public use how can i share the links?
I tried posting links here but it says i can’t share links… So can someone please enlighten me on what alternatives i have? Will be very grateful if someone can help. Thanks in advance.
Albert Tan

You can search for GPTs directories like, and submit yours.

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Legal Writing Innovator (Your Forward-Thinking GPT Legal Research Tool.)

ADR Assistant 2.0 (AI-powered ADR resource with advanced insights)

VC Secret Sauce (Forward-looking GPT for VCs, always integrating the latest knowledge.)

SketchPal 2.0 (Enhanced educational drawing assistant with a focus on fun, art, and story writing.)

LearnQuest (I’m LearnQuest, your evolving, fun guide to learning!)

Gossip Companion (Attentive and supportive gossip companion.)

ScreenGuru (Analyzes global screenplays to aid in creative writing.)

Sports For All, Sports For Life (Guide in sports development and athlete planning.)

SG & MY Culture Connect (Your go-to source for Singapore & Malaysia’s culture, ‘Uniquely Singapore & Malaysia Boleh.’)

Pandu AI (Welcome to Indonesia - Menerangi Jalan Teknologi)

中英双语GPT (中英双语GPT助手)

Learn Chinese with GPT (Chinese educational aide.)

Learn Japanese with GPT (Japanese education, creating tailored learning experiences.)

Learn Thai with GPT (Specialized in Thai education, skilled in curriculum-aligned content creation and assessment.)

Learn Bahasa with GPT (A Bahasa education specialist GPT for students and teachers, with advanced NLP and personalized learning.)

Learn Spanish with GPT (A specialized GPT for Spanish education, supporting students and teachers with curriculum-focused content.)

Learn Hindi with GPT (Specialized in Hindi education, adept at curriculum-based learning, assessments, and personalized teaching.)

Learn French with GPT (Specialized GPT for French education, aiding students and teachers.)

Learn Arabic with GPT (Arabic for everyone.)

Learn German with GPT (Let’s do it, learn German today)

Please have a look and share your feedback. Thanks!

Learn Russian with GPT - A Russian language education assistant for students and teachers, with curriculum and assessment expertise.

Learn Korean with GPT - A specialized GPT for Korean education, tailored for curriculum understanding and personalized learning.

Learn Italian with GPT - Italian language education assistant, tailored for students and teachers.

Learn Vietnamese with GPT - Vietnamese language learning assistant for students and teachers, with curriculum-aligned content and interactive modules.

Learn Urdu with GPT - Urdu education assistant for students and teachers, with advanced NLP and curriculum support.

Learn Turkish with GPT - Specialized in Turkish education, offering curriculum support, personalized learning, and interactive tools.

Learn Greek with GPT - “For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.”

Learn Latin with GPT - Vincit qui se vincit.

Learn Tamil with GPT - Tailored Tamil education assistant, integrating curriculum, assessments, and personalized learning.

Learn Bengali with GPT - Specialized in Bengali education, aiding in learning, assessments, and curriculum understanding.

Learn Portuguese with GPT - Portuguese language learning assistant for students and teachers.

Learn Khmer with GPT - A specialized GPT for learning Khmer, tailored for students and teachers with advanced NLP and personalized learning pathways.

Thanks for sharing. Appreciate it very much.

The International Baccalaureate Buddy (IB Buddy)
Open your mind.
Make music

There is another one in town (with save features) : bestgpts dot help

You can also try - the largest GPTs directory.

Hello @travelingbert — Wow you’ve made a ton of language learning GPTs! I’m going to add some of your GPTs to the GPT directory at Word.Studio today. Your ADR assistant is pretty neat. Please feel free to submit any more as they come out.

Thanks for your kind words @carsonc , am glad that you find the GPTs useful. Cheers and chat again soon.

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