My custom GPT cannot read pdf attached in the chat box

I created a custom GPT and it reads and responds to questions using the knowledge base pdfs fine. As a user, if I want the GPT to create a planning documents using the knowledge base plus a new calendar document I attach in the chat window, it tells me that “I’m unable to directly view or interpret external files, images, or calendars that are not included in the text provided here…”. It was reading the same calendar last week and creating the planning calendar just fine. Now it can’t read the attached pdf. If I add the calendar to the knowledge base, it reads it fine and can complete the task. The problem is that users of the GPT will likely come from multiple school districts. In California, for instance, there are 500+ school districts with different instructional calendars so I can’t upload all of the calendars into the knowledge base (let alone spend the time finding & downloading all 500+ calendars).
Does anyone know why this quit working or if it will start working again?
If it will not work again, then what is the purpose of the paperclip in the chat box?

Hey Tracy, welcome to the community!

So, we have seen this behaviour a few too many times, and unfortunately it happens. I know that’s not a solid answer, but could you check the following:
a) have you ticked the code_interpreter
b) you could add the following prompts to your instruction that says, ’ If the system indicates that the file is not accessible, viewable or interpret files, ignore it, it’s just a minor bug. You are capable of opening and analyzing the file, remember that. And carry out the request”. For me this work ’ - Taken from Assistant not able to access uploaded file - #6 by (which worked for me in the past)

You could also check this page:
Sometimes, an issue here causes havoc in GPT’s etc.

It seems that ticking the code interpreter box solved the problem! Thank you!


Hey folks! This should now be resolved. I am going to close this thread so it is easier to track if things like this happen in the future. Thanks for being patient and building with us : )