GPT not accessing resource files

I have create a custom GPT to help me with brainstorming, but I noticed it wasn’t really doing the things I told it to do, like using a list of questions I uploaded as a resource file to instigate my thinking.

I asked it directly and it said it can;t access any files, and that I should ask questions directly to it, which dfeats the purpose.

Am I doing something wrong?

Welcome to the dev forum!

Did you upload the files here? Are they large?


Yes, that’s exactly where I uploaded them. It’s three Word documents, 2MB, 165KB and 64KB.

The preview works as planned, but I don’t see the same behavior in my open chat. And if I ask it to directly access the files, it says it can’t.

do you have the code interpreter skill enabled? i know its a word document but i had this same problem before and once i enabled the code interpreter skill then it was able to access the knowledge base documents

I didn’t. I have now, and I’m going to test it and let you know if it works.

Thanks for the tip!

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