My card was used for ChatGPT subscription payment: how i found chatGPT

Greetings to everyone, I faced exactly the same problem with my Bank Card, i also didn’t subscribe to Plus plan and i never used my card and any subscription and i’ve never heard about chatGPT before. My investigation journey started from yesterday. The problem itself started 22th april 2023, when i recieved a message about payment of 20USD. It is OK for my country when someone stole data of bank card, it seems we have some problems with IT Security. I reopened my bank card, because this is the best way to solve a problem. I was shocked when i recieved another charge on 22th may for ChatGPT. How it possible?
When i reopened my bank account I never purchased anything online as well. So logically, this issue will keep occuring and I’ll recieve another charge on 22th of June. How do I fix it??
My bank told me that someone in my family stole my phone and etc…but this is not true, crazy bank. I created an account in chatGPT and asked bot to close this subscription, but it won’t help me, my account was new of course. Bot doesn’t understand how to help me. The only thing I could find out from the bank was the transaction number: RE889606060SE. Guys please help to unsubscribe and refund my 20USD.

chatgpt plus purchase on your account? or someone else’s chatgpt account?

something else account, because i registred yerstaday. As i understand my bank card was used to make a subscription on thieft account.
I also provided transaction number from bank: RE889606060SE.
Can you please ask bot to find this account who used my card and keek his a**?
thx in advance, i hope i will not recieve on 22 june another payment.

I am not openai staff just an user like you. Contact with the Billing | OpenAI Help Center by image Click the icon then enter a message.

I saw similar thread who had problem like yours. They never disclose their credit card however openai manage you get the card and paid for themselves. Either credit card hacked or some unknown stuff.

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