My business , AI to process

Hi All,
I am an owner of a logistics company and looking to use AI in my CS and sales process.
I want your feedback on it :slight_smile:

  1. Chat,
  2. email reply
  3. CS questions

** How to train the chat for your rates and prosses.
Thank you

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Why? What types of AI?

@gerchikov.ilia , there are many categories / types of AI systems. This is a site dedicated to developers using the OpenAI API.

There are main on broad use case we generally see these days for OpenAI generative AI models, which are “generative AIs” meaning they generate text

  • Chatbots

There is also another broad use case where language text is transformed into a numeric vector called an embedding and the primary use case we are seeing these days is:

  • Search and Retrieval

There are many other types of AIs out there, many of which fall into the category of “expert systems” and GPT models do not fall into that category.