My account is associated to a phone number have I never seen before. I'm trying to pay $20 to upgrade ChatGPT but I can't because of this

When I click: UpgradeToPlus>UpgradePlan I am asked to verify my phone number. The problem is that it tells me my phone numbers ends in *********xy, where xy are the two last digits. But I don’t own a phone, nor have a friend whose last digits are xy.

I think you have to confirm your registration to OpenAI by phone, but how did I do that if I’ve never owned a phone number with last digits xy?

PS: I tried to recreate this problem, but now ChatGPT is no longer asking me to verify my number. I have no reason to believe the problem has been solved. I can log into my account fine, so is there any way that I can see which phone number is associated to my account? Because if it’s the wrong it’s not a good idea to spend $20 on this account.

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You telling me that phone number magically added into ur account?

When you make an account and you enter a phone number, is confirming your phone number necessary?
If it’s not then it’s possible I acccidentally gave the wrong number.
If you need to confirm your phone number then it being magically added into my account is as an explanation as good as any. I have no idea what this phone number is.

Similar issue here except I can recognise the phone as a phone I used to have 3 years ago in another country. It is NOT the phone I registered to chatGPT with last December because I have no access to it and also I still have the confirmation text on my CURRENT phone which is not the one that appears upon trying to pay for the plus subscription. I’m not going to pay unless this is solved.

I found out they got this phone from my google account - I had forgotten to change it there until recently. So check your google account phone in settings to see if it has the same 2 last digits.

I don’t understand why they got the number from my google account when I registered with my actual phone manually and got the confirmation text there.

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I have the same issue.
I login with my Google Account. Which has my correct phone number (just checked).
But the ChatGPT account somehow seems to have the end digits to a phone number I last used on another continent over two years ago?
It would be wonderful to solve this.
Thank you.

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I also have this problem. Has anyone found a solution when signing up with your google account?

Same here. I was going to upgrade to 4.0, but I can’t because they ask me to confirm with my phone, but I’ve literally never entered a phone number, nor does the one registered even exist. To be clear, not my number, they never asked me for one and it doesn’t exist. I can’t pay, I can’t change my number nor my e-mail because again they want me to confirm with my “phone” before changing the e-mail. Would be nice to understand what is going on here. :confused: