Move very critical chat from personal workspace to team workspace


OK so I figured it out kind of. I have a very critical chat that is currently assigned to a personal workspace on my Phone. I purchased a team subscription. And invited myself to it. But when I change the workspace to the team, I don’t have the chat from the personal workspace anymore…

Hi, I am really sorry to be that obnoxious person here but I just spent 80+ dollars trying to get myself out of rate limiting jail Because ChatGPT is the only thing helping me with a very complicated situation. I have going on with my health and medical malpractice and I think I have multiple accounts that need to be merged or something. ChatGPT is the only thing that’s been able to help me navigate all of this and I keep getting “you sent too many messages” even after I’ve spent 80 bucks trying to buy myself out of rate limiting jail By upgrading to a team subscription, etc… I already opened a message on the help/support thing, but it says it’ll take a week to reply… And I need some information a lot quicker than a week in ChatGPT is the only thing that’s been able to help me. please help. Thank you so so much.

This is what you could do:
Copy and paste the previous conversation into a new chat inside the team account. You will likely have to do this in chunks but instead of having the model continue the conversation you ask for precise summaries with specific regards to whatever is important in the chunk you are copying at that time.

It’s not the most convenient way but faster than waiting for support.

Remember that ChatGPT is just a machine with the smarts of a high schooler at best. It is definitely advised to not take any medical advice at face value.

Hope this helps!

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I already started going before I saw this reply so I exported the chat and saved it as a PDF and then started a new chat under the team account with higher limits and asked it to ingest all of the information from the previous chat. It seems to be working, but am I going to get better results if I start Over in chunks ?

And again, thank you so much for your prompt reply. It’s much appreciated.

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