Marketing Planner Mobile App

I made a marketing planner to help me shill my wares!

notMarketing Promotional Video

notMarketing in App Store

At the moment, it’s a single player Creator app. Interested to hear your thoughts on the use-case and value.

  • Chat with a marketing guru AI chatbot: ask marketing questions that consider the nuance of your biz.
  • Generate marketing made for you: swipe, plan, edit, swipe, plan; speedy workflows for planning delightful content.
  • Planner: a linear timeline focused on Today; this way the strategy can adapt and change over time.
  • will download immediately
  • meh

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Thanks to @Heyam the fantabulous! He made a couple videos (including the promotional video) and also became a good friend–we met HERE during Interviews he produced with OpenAI beta developers last spring.



Yup! This golden piece of software will help you navigate to a space-time of total awesomeness! :smiley: Wanna feel the sci-fi of life? Ask the app how to do that and you will end up blasting aliens with a plasma gun! ; D xD

@newcolor, the great, did absolutely amazing work!

Hey! Make sure to also check my other video that Matt kindly shared! We had a super good fun time doing the film with the OpenAI community!

With Super Good Thoughts,
Martin Heyam Bielecki

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See the tweet with a short video//demo of the app! It is a fragment from the film//interview we did together → Meet Matt -- Film & Interview + Demo of the not.Marketing App - YouTube

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