AIDA: Mobile Chatbot Assistant with 40+ Templates

Hey folks!

Over the past 6 months, we’ve built AIDA - a slick mobile app that helps you get the most out of GPT-4 “on the go” – with over 40 fine-tuned templates, a lightweight UX and a range of supporting features. Amplify your productivity & race through tasks with a fully conversational AI - all from the palm of your hand. :rocket:

Available for Download on the Apple App Store.

Here’s more info - if you’re interested!

:jigsaw: Our story
We started AIDA to make engaging with cutting-edge AI on mobile devices a vastly better experience. No more browser hopping, endless login challenges, conversation loss or clunky UI interactions. We’ve also built handy supporting functionalities around the AI layer (see more below).

:hammer_and_pick: Who is AIDA for?
AIDA has been designed to allow anyone - regardless of know-how or experience - to extract great value from OpenAI’s powerful GPT-4 models. Alongside a simple, uncluttered UI, we offer guided examples to help you write the best prompts for your use-case, and thus get the best responses. From product specialists to marketers, creative writers to business owners, engineers to academics, AIDA is for everyone.

:fire: Our best features
Supporting our integration with OpenAI, we’ve built an ever-growing collection of convenience functionalities, most notably:

  • Seamless conversational AI, with successive prompt awareness – through the dynamic management of inject and restart prompts, and summarisation techniques
  • Generating multiple response variations at the tap of a button
  • Auto-storing conversations for easy future reference
  • Providing hundreds of use-cases & examples to make your prompts great
  • Response cleansing & formatting to make outputs as readable and concise as possible
  • Extensive accessibility support, including voiceover & dictation

:ship: What’s coming soon?

  • Android & Mac Native (not just M1/M2) Apps
  • Dark Mode
  • Localisation
  • Advanced input controls – custom inject & restart prompts, temperatures, top_p, stop & more

Platforms: iOS/iPadOS/macOS on M1/M2. Android expected Q2/Q3 2023.
You can join our Android launch waitlist here: Android Waitlist

Contact: ping us below, or at

Thanks for your time - see you in the comments, and have a great week if not! :pray:


Looking good! Thanks for sharing.

Good to hear!

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Cheers Paul! Early days but feels like we’re off to a good start :slight_smile: