Manifest file cache expiry

Hello! I just wanted to ask whether there is any cache on the OpenAI side for the plugin manifest? We are in the process of setting up oauth and we need to be re-registering the plugin often as part of the flow. But it seems like OpenAI is caching the manifest file (and not respecting client-side cache headers). How long should we wait before OpenAI redownloads a fresh manifest?

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Hi there,

Bumping this since my plugin is still not delisted despite the fact I made breaking changes to my plugin’s manifest.

I assumed it could be related to caching, too.

After I made the changes I installed the plugin using the developer flow, then resubmitted it by opening a ticket. For some reason (the fact that it’s still listed on the store I suppose) the plugin can’t be installed as an unverified one.

Never had this issue before, for any of my plugins.