Mandatory GPT-3, Codex, and DALL-E Uniforms

One of the things I’ve recently started to embrace is my artistic spirit but also my belief that everyone using GPT-3, codex, and other AI models now is already an artist whether they realize it or not.

With the eventual release of DALL-E, the OpenAI community will take on new life of its own with more self expression and more eccentric community members.

Today, I’d like to propose this idea of mandatory outfits for the OpenAI community. By choosing well designed, fashionable clothing, we can help elevate the taste levels and kick start the community right. We can be not only a tech community, but also a well dressed group of leading and innovative tastemakers.

The idea is the moment you’re in the playground, or on the forums, or heavily using the API, you have to dress up in the agreed upon community outfit. This is especially true for demoing ideas or teaching others about the API publicly.

I understand it may be a hassle to put on the clothes each time you’re on the site (which could slow down your cycle time as a developer), but at the same time it could inspire greater, higher quality work in the long run.

The idea is not to necessarily represent OpenAI, but to represent the shared artistic aesthetic and taste level as a community. It’s also about giving respect to the potential of the AI models and the craft itself.

In terms of implementation, we can update the technical documentation with the dress code and vote on what the mandatory outfits could actually be. We can find gender neutral clothing and also colour palettes that work for everyone. Perhaps, we could crowdfund the clothing expenses for people who cannot afford it and also partner with brands as the OpenAI Beta opens up to more people as a part of the onboarding process.

I’m including some style inspiration below for potential outfit ideas:

Thanks and looking forward to feedback from the community,