Make ChatGPT 4 generate verbose or detailed content


I’m using ChtGPT 4 and I asked the same prompt to ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4.
I noticed that ChatGPT 4 generates tiny headings very tiny while ChatGPT 3.5 generates detailed and verbose content.
I told it in the prompt to be detailed and verbose, but still the same !!

Any idea to make the output detailed and explained?


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Usually including the keyword Verbose is enough, you can try other descriptions such as expansive or detailed.


I compared the outputs of the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models for the prompt “can you write about a story for graduates.” The word counts were 626 and 637 respectively, while the character counts were 4122 and 3972.
To me, the models perform about even in length when given a substancial enough topic or activity. I would say the models may consider the prompt complete, so if you want more detail, you can try running a GPT-3.5 Turbo prompt for brainstorming or alternatively, you can directly instruct the model to expand the existing text and review the results closely to ensure it aligns with your desired outcome.
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Maybe asking for a minimum word count helps?
Although it might hallucinate if it doesn’t have enough information on the topic.


I asked for the minimum words count per heading to be 150 words, it neglect that !!

I’ve done that in many ways, it neglects that too, and provides very short output.
The only way it gets detailed output is when I go heading by heating (a prompt for each heading)

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Actually, I’m using ChatGPT 4 and I tried by all means to make it detailed for those headings, but I can’t.
The only way was to make a prompt for each heading. I got another problem. ChatGPT blocks me because of the 25 messages capacity !!

ChatGPT 3.5 do it well in one prompt and gives detailed output, but there are some mistakes and some misconceptions.

I want to use ChatGPT 4.
I don’t know what to do !!!

Maybe try it more specific.


Create a 150 word story from user input.
Answer in following format:

{‘wordcount’:150, ‘sentences’: [
{1: ‘8-10 words’},{2: ‘8-10 words’},…

If you don’t have enough information on the topic add some additional explanation to sentences.


Alice fell into a hole, had adventures, woke up and realized it was just a dream.


{‘wordcount’: 150, ‘sentences’: [
{1: ‘On a sunny afternoon, Alice wandered in the woods.’},
{2: ‘Accidentally, she stumbled upon a mysterious hole.’},
{3: ‘Out of curiosity, Alice decided to explore further.’},
{4: ‘She fell into it suddenly, and her world changed.’},
{5: ‘Down the hole, Alice encountered peculiar creatures.’},
{6: ‘She met a talking White Rabbit with a pocket watch.’},
{7: ‘Then, she came across a grinning Cheshire Cat.’},
{8: ‘Alice attended a mad tea party with the Mad Hatter.’},
{9: ‘She became entangled in a strange game of croquet.’},
{10: ‘The eccentric Queen of Hearts was hosting the game.’},
{11: ‘Unexpectedly, the Queen lost her temper at Alice.’},
{12: ‘A chaotic trial ensued, and Alice was accused.’},
{13: ‘During the trial, Alice spotted a hidden key.’},
{14: ‘Desperate to escape, she grabbed the key and ran.’},
{15: ‘Tired and confused, Alice jolted awake suddenly.’},
{16: ‘Relieved, she realized it was all just a dream.’}