Looking for partner(s), here is my trading strategy using ChatGPT4o

I developed the Vision strategy using GPT-4o to analyze BTC trends, providing precise trading signals for optimal entry and exit points. Vision has shown promising results.

To showcase these insights, I built Chart2Text.com, which displays real-time PnL and trade data of this strategy.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice.

The present post is for general knowledge in academic discussion only and is not intended as legal advice to any person. I am looking for some feedback on the strategy. Anyone else is trying to use ChatGPT for trading strategy?

I am seeking a job or partnership to help launch and expand the Vision strategy and/or Chart2Text.com.

Hervé Fulchiron

I’m having a deja vu :laughing:

If you’re making 3% gains every three hours, shouldn’t you be a bajillionaire by tomorrow? :thinking:

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It’s only a one-day offer, i think.:grinning:

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what makes you think it’s making 3% gains every hour?

because it is not from what I see.

it seems to be profitable only when the volatility is high enough.

can you post a longer history?

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600% in two weeks. or 3% if you started a day later :thinking:

It’s leveraged, right?

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No leverage.

The Vision strategy used 1 btc to make 3500 usdc in two weeks holding usdc.

Hey, this is so random but just found this discussion while researching. Had this idea since vision came out (well, even before with textual data). Made a handful of projects which I am testing out currently. Lmk if you want to talk about this :).

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