Looking for an strategic partner for our new research compony to solve complex problems in the world

  • HI, Chetan here i am working on to build an research compony, to wok on cutting edge problems in LLMs, neuroscience, and blockchain. I am looking for strategic partners who share our passion, Reach out to us at quantumtechniker@gmail.com to explore new ideas to contribute humanity.

Early vision:
1.building an rules based LLMs analyzing unstructured data, managing risks especially in context of financial instruments and markets addressing the potential for risk managements , validating quant models, to ensure there accuracy, realibility and consistency in changing market, and building an LLMs for tracing representation of blockchain activity and training from scratch a language model to act as an real time Intrusion detection system of every transactions and smart contracts

2.“Dactylus, a groundbreaking Large Language Model (LLM) chatbot, seamlessly integrates emotional intelligence and artificial psychology, elevating conversational AI to unparalleled heights. By discerning emotional nuances, personalizing interactions, Cognitive Neuroscience models and employing insights from artificial psychology, Dactylus sets a new standard in human-like engagement. Its continual learning mechanisms ensure dynamic adaptability, making it an ideal virtual companion for therapeutic conversations, customer service with a human touch, and immersive storytelling. Ethical considerations underscore Dactylus’ commitment to privacy and responsible AI usage, marking a transformative leap forward in the convergence of technology and empathetic human interaction.”

  1. Research on towards Cognitive task simulation, building new algorithms to solve complex problems in real world .

  2. transformer-based approach in architectural design with Large Language Models (LLMs) for text to 2D and 3D graphic image synthesis.

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