Looking for feedback - Plugin for job seekers

Hi there! I’m converting JoPilot to a ChatGPT plugin. Before submitting it for the OpenAI review I’d like to ask you to take a look and give some feedback.
JoPilot plugin for ChatGPT allows job seekers to find jobs.
The plugin currently supports the following search parameters:

  • employers (you can include or exclude companies by names)
  • locations (cities, zip codes. YOu can include or exclude locations)
  • the distance in miles
  • the number of job results displayed
  • sorting
  • min/max salary (per hour/per year).

Prompt examples:

  • “Driver jobs in Chicago. Hide bus, forklift, truck, CDL jobs.” *
  • “I’m looking for nurse and LPN jobs near zip code 90094 or close to Venice CA. Don’t offer jobs in Inglewood or Culver City.”*
  • “Show me jobs at Burbank. Hide Disney jobs because I worked there before. Hide jobs more than 15 miles away. Don’t offer part-time or gig jobs. The min pay is $15/h.” *
  • “No experience work from home jobs, jobs for graduates. No experience requires. Minimum rate $15/h. Part-time or full-time.”*
  • “Remote Java or C# jobs. Minimum $180k annually. Hide crypto or blockchain jobs. Show jobs at Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Netflix or Salesforce.”*
  • Show developer, engineer, programmer, and analyst jobs at IBM in New York, NY, Albany or Chicago, IL. Limit to 80 jobs. Jobs should be not older than 30 days. - JoPilot.*

If yes have any other questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

ps: JoPilot means Copilot, but for Job seekers > Jo-Pilot.

A Well trained Headhunter can definitely tell things an AI can not!

Can you give me an example of what AI is not capable to do?