LocalHost Plugins in testing failing to work today

Running into some issues this afternoon with a plugin I was working on no longer being recognized. It still seems to be reading the manifest, because it knows what the routes are, but trying to use the any gets a “As an AI by OpenAI, I don’t have access to plugins…”. In the terminal, the server seems to at least be hitting the GET /logo OPTIONS /.well-known/ai-plugin.json and GET /.well-known/ai-plugin.json, but can’t get any farther it seems.

Tried loading up previous iterations of the plugin, as well as other plugins I have been working on that also worked before day, and getting similar problems.

Just wanted to report–thanks.

you can click plugin icon in Chat UI, It will show what message that GPT. sent to your server.

for example, here is another plugin that was working over localhost two days ago and now won’t:

as you can see, it seems to be hitting retrieving but then acts like it isn’t