Got problem when test plugin in local environment

I’m having a problem with plugin local testing.
I got error that says “Failed to fetch localhost manifest. Check to ensure your localhost is running and your localhost server has CORS enabled.”

So, I also tried openai plugins quick start to what the problem is, and it throws same error.
Is there anyone who get this situation?

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Seems like a web server error. Try to see if you can view the manifest by browsing to http://localhost:5003/.well-known/ai-plugin.json

If not a good idea might be to upload your app on replit and give that URL to chatGPT.

Same problem. I’ve tried many days to connect to localhost but I can’t.

What browser are you using? Safari does not work for this, it has some weird local host issues.


Have you seen this?

cURL commands to test TODO plugin server independent of ChatGPT

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I’m trying this in Brave and it doesn’t work, even with the plugin quickstart TODO app.

hey @hwb
are you using https in the manifest url for your local testing ? Maybe change it to http see if it works ?

You use could ngrok to create a tunnel between your backend and them. This will give you an URL you can use in ChatGPT to test your local server :slight_smile:

That’s what our users do at and it works fine :slight_smile:

I used chrome and also tried safari. Both don’t work.

Unfortunately, I used ‘http’ for local testing.

Oh really! I’ll try that one. Thanks for guide.

You’re welcome.

Also, regarding your localhost problem, be sure your server allows cross-origin request made from open-ai.

I don’t know what server you run, but for example on expressjs you can install the “cors” package to allows some cross origin requests.

I adjusted the code a bit and it worked for me.

import json
import quart
import quart_cors
from quart import request

app = quart.Quart(name)
app = quart_cors.cors(app, allow_origin=“*”)

_TODOS = {}“/todos/string:username”)
async def add_todo(username):
req_data = await request.get_json(force=True)
if username not in _TODOS:
_TODOS[username] =
return quart.Response(response=‘OK’, status=200)

async def get_todos(username):
return quart.Response(response=json.dumps(_TODOS.get(username, )), status=200)

async def delete_todo(username):
req_data = await request.get_json(force=True)
todo_idx = req_data[“todo_idx”]
if 0 <= todo_idx < len(_TODOS.get(username, )):
return quart.Response(response=‘OK’, status=200)

async def plugin_logo():
filename = ‘logo.png’
return await quart.send_file(filename, mimetype=‘image/png’)

async def plugin_manifest():
host = request.headers[‘Host’]
with open(“./.well-known/ai-plugin.json”) as f:
text =
return quart.Response(text, mimetype=“text/json”)

async def openapi_spec():
host = request.headers[‘Host’]
with open(“openapi.yaml”) as f:
text =
return quart.Response(text, mimetype=“text/yaml”)

def main():, host=“”, port=5003)

if name == “main”:

Hi Guys, same thing is happening today for the first time, im having issues to install the plugin. I update pluygins every day. So is very rare

update plugin everyday . then it will help you to work your plugin seemlessly