Llmsearch: GPT assisted web search

I’ve uploaded a prototype web search tool.
Github Repository
It can run either (both?) client-side or as a chatGPT plugin (if you have plugin access). Hopefully some will find it a useful example (esp as a plugin, for plugin devs), love your feedback!
Since it is fully open-source, customize to your heart’s content.


Nice work. Do you have it live on a site somewhere for testing?

Small point but i noticed you’re using hardcoded references to http://localhost:5003 You should .env makes deploying easier than searching for the urls.

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Only hosting locally for myself, sorry. Problem is both Google customized search and gpt-3.5-turbo cost. Not much for personal use (I spent 39 cents yesterday testing all day), but too much for me to host for others, till I get Vicuna or Dolly and an open-source search api (duck-duck go or firefox, maybe?) up.
references to localhost:5003 - easy to change in main.py, pbly good idea, but it also appears in the .yaml or ai_plugin.json, forget which. Not sure how to get either to reference env. but thanks!

No worries, replit is free. I’ll just grab it. The api isn’t free :slight_smile:

I just posted an update to github for this.
now two endpoints (shallow/quick and deeper/full).
Also much improved page text extraction using unstructured.io and keyword processing, together with search-phrase rewrite.
Hopefully many of those of you wanting web access capability will find parts of this helpful. btw, I highly recommend taking a look at unstructured.io for page processing.



And one more update: Now with image search too!

llmsearch on github


Amazing! Thanks for sharing your work.