LINK? Plugin Store URL for direct list of plugins

I’m so sorry, I’m not a developer and I DID try to find the answer on the development documentation for Plugins. This is my first question (long time lurker).
I need the link for the plugin store; a direct access to the list of plugins, rather than ask clients to pay for Plus THEN see what plugins they like I want them to peruse plugins then choose to pay.
I know there are 3rd party websites that list the OpenAI plugins, I guess they are using the API but I’d like to send clients to native plugin store if possible.
[I’m not sure I’m being clear: I can access the plugin list from the popover overlay from a paid account when clicking on Plugins Store but I do not have a unique URL for the store itself for those on free ChatGPT. ]
Is anyone able to help me?
Again, sorry for the newbie question and thank you: I learn a lot just by reading your questions and answers!

As far as I’m aware what you’re seeking doesn’t exist, officially.

Which now that you brought it up does seem strange. It would be beneficial for them to sell more subscriptions if they highlighted all the available tools, you’d think. OpenAI has a lot on their plate at the moment and even “power users” who want to throw more money at them have to wait in a queue to do so. What a nice “problem” to have for OpenAI huh? Lineups of people wanting to throw money at them.

The best option you’ll find is using these third-party listers. If you want to post some here the community could probably help in vetting which ones have the best intentions and accuracy.

Welcome to the forum,

There are, as you say, several 3rd party providers of Plugin lists such as this :

But they are not maintained by OpenAI as an official source, I do not know of an Official page or feed at the moment. On the face of it it seems like a reasonable idea.

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thank you, you are very kind: I found ZAPVINE and AI Plugins HQ websites. I will keep an eye on them and see if they update regularly.
Edit: corrected name Zapvine

Thank you, I will add copilot us to the list - Github is a bit overwhelming for my clients and students (marketing, HR, non-technical) but I might be able to make it work. I appreciate your response! xx

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Would love to repopen this conversation. Are there any plans of links that can open chatGPT plugin store to install directly to users’ account?