Learning course ml & design

Hi community,

I am looking for a good learning course for a designer to work with AI the creative process. I struggle a bit what is best.

Has anybody a good suggestion for learning path that covers this?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestion!

Kind regards

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Strange. No courses. Books maybe… anyone?

It’s focused on design for AI in Enterprise applications, but this is a good (very high level) overview of how to consider AI throughout the process of designing AI-centric applications.

They also have a Design Thinking for AI course, but you will need to complete their design thinking practitioner course first, it takes a couple hours if you’re paying attention, but if you can skip through the material and pass the quizzes quickly, you could blow through it in 15-30 minutes. It is a pretty decent course for learning design thinking in general though.

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I’d also recommend looking through https://pair.withgoogle.com - there’s a lot of good information here on AI from a broader perspective in it’s relationship with design, and the workshop material is pretty nice.