Launching the open-source platform to create, deploy, test, and monitor ChatGPT plugins

Hey Plugin Builders!

ChatGPT Plugins are being rolled out to users now and Google and Microsoft have already launched similar products.

Jonas, Lennard, and I are helping developers to convert their API into a plugin usable in LLM Apps like ChatGPT and LangChain (Bard and Bing coming soon).

You only need to connect your API to our platform once and we provide all the tooling to create, test, deploy and monitor plugins. We decrease the effort needed to create plugins and increase the value that you get from LLM apps as a new distribution channel.

We introduced Langdock at the first LangChain Berlin meetup last week and already onboarded our first 150 users. If you have an API and think about creating a ChatGPT Plugin, make sure to check out our product and get in touch:


Fantastic job, I’m following Langdock on Twitter now. Langdock can help drive plugin development across all LLMs platforms, and I love that approach from your team.


Thanks a lot for your feedback and support @360macky!

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Super nice work! Can’t wait to see what people will build with the help of your product :rocket:

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Thanks @justust! Yes, it’s super exciting to see everyone building plugins.