Platform for ChatGPT Plugins - made by Krish Nerkar

While we wait for the official release of our submitted plugins or for those that did not yet submit, this website is collecting and aggregating our plugins for easy sharing and usage. Maybe this has been posted here before, but wanted to share as I am finding it useful.

made by Krish Nerkar


How to make it run? I tried to uncover this paying a visit to the site but with no success.

Each plugin has its manifest on display

You will then copy the manifest url


Go back to ChatGPT and select the plugin model

Click Plugins and scroll down to Plugin Store


You’ll be presented with the plugin store

Then click Install unverified plugin


On the next modal, paste the url you copied and erase .well-known/ai-plugin.json

It should look like this


Click Find Plugin


Click Continue and follow any additional prompts depending on the auth being used.

No auth or api keys should just finish installing. Oauth will present you with a provider’s auth screen and then redirect back.

Hope this helps!

Chase W. Norton

Fantastic work. Well done for creating this project. All the best