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Hello, can I sell the images I created with Dall-e both digitally and physically?
Do I own the copyrights of the images I created with Dall-e?

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Some of the images I have generated in DallE2 already contains an Artist signature or a signature stamp. Can somebody please explain to me why? Or are these pieces actually someone else’s work can someone please elaborate? It makes me really uncomfortable to use these images.

Please remember that AI art is still fairly new so there is no tight legal framework yet. however, while you can sell your AI generated imagery, as of now AI generated art cannot be copyrighted. There have been numerous court rulings in the US, including one where it was ruled that someone who made a comic with AI had the copyright to the story and the dialogue, but not to the images.

AI image generators can on occasion generate things like watermarks, signatures etc, because those were in the initial training sets. A study from cornell university found that a not-insignificant amount of generated images are veeeery close to an already existing picture from the dataset. Maybe your generation was one of those cases.