I've upgraded to chat plus but my platform account still requests to be upgraded

Ive upgraded to chat plus using the email i used the free trial with. I can access the chat plus but platform.openai still says upgrade.

So I dont have any api keys I can use even though I just upgraded and joined.

It’s asking me to pay and subscribe again.

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chatGPT plus and the OpenAI API are two different products, you can purchase one without the other, chatGPT plus is a subscription that gives you access to GPT-4 through the chat.openai.com website. The API is a “pay as you go” service that gives you access to a range of different models, an API call is a request made by one software system to another, you don’t need API access unless you’re trying to integrate OpenAI’s services into some other software.
Hope that helps :smiley:

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Hi you are talking about two different things. If you want the API you must go here OpenAI API sign up and make your organization can be a company or your name whatever you want. I’m not sure if they still offering credits but when I had my account I had credits to use but after that you have to pay by use. You can see the pricing on OpenAI printing each model has a different price I think Ada is the cheapest one but doesn’t have the Davinci power.

If you need further help feel free to ask.

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Thank you so much. That’s cleared things up.

Much appreciated for your comment.

Thank you. I appreciate the fast response. That’s clear :+1:t2:

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You’re welcome!, Always happy to help :laughing:

Join us for the same problem: Paid for ChatGPT Plus but still getting free version

You’re welcome :blush:. If you have more questions feel free to ask.

I also have Plus and find when I start at:

it seems to recognize my login info

Hi team
I paid for gpt + but still using only free version. Please help
my email id: debatewhatif@gmail.com