It's all good so don't worry

I got it to work. So this post does not need to be here. it’s all good. I want to delete it. I don’t need this post. I have to write 100 words though. Maybe I can delete it later.


It is the same for me. Are there any solutions already?

I paid for it three days ago,but today I become a free user again.

Same here. Support still hasn’t seen my messages! I subscribed 3 days ago.

Seems to be fixed this morning. I’m now back on plus

There is someone on Discord claiming to work for OpenAI asking for email address of affected users. It’s within the #bug-reports chat

Just be careful. Your E-Mail address is half your login… (have not been on discord this morning!)

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i paid 3.15, today I become a free user again

Became a plus member when it started. Then yesterday I was on the free access so I thought my plan expired. I paid again with a different card and today I logged in and noticed I was on the free account again. I checked my bank and was charged my reoccurring original fee and then the fee I paid yesterday again also. Can any one let me know a way to contact chatgpt about billing issue?

Yes I figured out where to find subscriptions. On the left side of chatgpt, not on OpenAi. There’s a manage subscriptions link and it took me to where I have two active subscriptions. Lol I guess their AI doesn’t prevent duplicate subscriptions.

My subscription was activated again. I think it was fixed automatically because my support ticket says “Not seen yet” still.

Having the same problem. Paid - had access to plus - now that I logged in again, I am on the free version.

It’a ridiculous. I have Plus and the ChatGPT4 still doesn’t accept text beyond 2500 words, no faq on how to use image feature. Only thing I notice different is it is a little faster, but really lags at peak times. pretty disappointed, and don’t expect much support. They have millions of people subscribing they can afford to ignore people. In typical fashion so far it’s all just hype. Not seeing anyone actually show using the new features - just talk about it from the news release. I’ll let the month run out and will unsubscribe. NOt really getting anything extra.

I am experiencing the same, I have paid for Plus and got billed today but says I am on the free account

Same here. I got it for like 4 minutes and then it was gone.

Im in the same situation after I subscribed 12+ hours ago

edit: issue was fixed for me.

All you need to do is give the mail, the one that you made/presented during payment. And there will be “unique link” email.

Just do the steps. Works for me.

If you go to bug reporting on discord there is an OpenAI employee on there asking for email addresses to help fix the issue and They’re getting people back on

What the heck do you mean? Please speak in English and prescribe specific steps…

I have just purchased Plus subscription , but I haven’t got the access to any of the premium features. And when using chatgpt it says I should upgrade to plus version…