Issues with GPT4o with the subsprition

I am having issues with GPT-4 when type something in the text box and then click on the arrow pointing upwards. It keeps spinning and I never get a response. This was only when I upgraded to GPT-4 subscriptions. When I did not have subcription, i had no issues. PLease help

Welcome to the community! I imagine you’re talking about ChatGPT.

Have you tried pressing the refresh button on your browser while holding the shift button on your keyboard? That performs a slightly harder refresh and sometimes solves issues like this.

Hi Diet, i just tried it and it does refresh the page. however the context disappears and i am able to input information again. However the problem still the same, when I hit enter nothing happens and i get no respones. You are correct ChatGPT4o (when I had the basic, I did not have this issue)

There’s the typical logging out, logging back in stuff you can try

Sometimes OpenAI just borks something and it takes a day until it works again.

Sometimes the browser’s broken, sometimes it’s a browser extension issue. If you’re technically minded, you can try to see what errors you’re getting in your javascript console.

If everything fails, you can try to reach out to, but it typically takes an eon and a half for a response.