Issues quickly. 👉 My AI chatbot says I have exceeded my quota, yet my OpenAI account has plenty of credits

I don’t know why this says “Issues quickly”, but hello. Suddenly my chatbot which is connected to my OpenAI API says: “You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details. For more information on this error, read the docs:

This is for the chatbot at

But my OpenAI account has plenty of credits. See Attached images. I even set it to auto replenish.

What’s happening and how can I quickly get it working again?

Thanks. Best regards, Tony

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What tier are you currently in?

It’s possible that you hit one of the other limits (i…e. token per minute, requests per minute or day):

Answers quickly: The issue isn’t apparent from your screenshot.

  • Within the organization showing there, go to API Keys and generate and employ a new API key, and ensure at the bottom the default organization to bill to is selected correctly.

  • Verify current account balance in credits on “billing overview

  • Lift any restrictions you imposed yourself for usage limits.

  • Check that a chat completion request can be performed in the API Playground, and in a short local code snippet.

  • Rate limit errors should have their own message type, “rate limit exceeded”.

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Thanks very much. OK, I just checked and it looks like I am on tier 2, which says that it only allows 60,000 tokens per month. My usage page says I have used more than 500,000 ChatBPT 3.5 Turbo tokens!

If I only get 60,000 tokens, my website agent chatbots would be unusable for most purposes, as it wouldn’t last a day.

Funnily enough after about 3 hours the bot returned to normal operation and seems to be working today. I’m confused…

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Thanks, I’ll check into these if it happens again. Funnily enough after about 3 hours the bot returned to normal operation and seems to be working today.

Tokens per month?? No, it’s tokens per minute. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If you had just recently made a payment to bring your balance above zero, that may have been delayed in taking effect. That’s also one possible cause.

Per minute? No, the $50 payment was made January 16th, and the account never went below $47 left in it.