Issue with using Assistants and uploading csv files in thread

I am using the Assistants playground to confirm what I want to achieve can be done but I am running into some issues.

I have an Assistant with the intructions of

You are a data analyst that helps answer questions based on sales data and ads performance data that will be uploaded by the user.

The first message I send is

this csv file contains sales data that I want questions answered on (and I have attached a file of some sales data which has headings)

However, I only get the response of

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but as a text-based AI, I do not have the ability to directly process or analyze uploaded files, including .csv files. However, I can definitely help generate insights and answer questions if you share some specific data points or describe the data contained in your file. Please provide further details about your sales data so I can assist you.

Ideally do not want to have to paste the CSV contents into a chat message. Is there something I am missing that would enable this to work?


The assistant creation also requires one of retrieval or code interpreter enabled to be able to act on files or data.

It may see retrieval as only context injection relevant to your questioning and not “files”.

If using the latter only, you’ll likely need to give the AI more idea what you uploaded to the python sandbox.


I am seeing that under tools it is not even letting me turn on Retrieval (I did not have any of these tools activated before, so assume this was my issue)


I have just turned on CI but I tried with it off and on and still cannot activate Retrival

Any Ideas? maybe a ui bug or something?

I am using gpt-4 as the model


All the toggles work for me the second I press “new assistant” in the playground.

Maybe it’s some current limitation of free accounts or by account tier? You have a funded account?

You can try a different browser just to rule that out.

I changed the model and got the Retrieval option enabled.

However, I get an error about unsupported file type

Failed to index file: Unsupported file file-{blah} type: application/csv

From a google I see that this seems to be a common error at the moment with Assistant with no fix as of yet.

I have a tier 1 account with some money on it. I can see its used 25 cents from my testing I have done so far

I am also getting this error with CSV, XLSX, PDF, Word, etc. I have retrieval setup and funded the API.

I am having trouble finding c# examples for creating assistants, as well as then uploading files, can anyone point me to where c# users are posting?